EcofinConcept GmbH Erneuerbare Energien – Consulting, Projektentwicklung, Investment und Projektvermarktung

Project development

EcofinConcept GmbH offers a full range of services for a successful renewable energies project, from the selection and acquisition of suitable locations, planning and project management to the erection of the plants. We do this in close cooperation with the land owners, local community, local authorities and project partners. We are available as a contact for all parties involved throughout the entire project management and implementation phase.

We work not only on new sites, but also on optimising existing renewable energy projects. In the wind energy sector, this is predominantly in repowering old existing wind parks.

With our many years of experience, we are able to offer customised financing concepts for your project.

Below you will find an overview of EcofinConcept’s portfolio of services in project development, which we carry out either alone or in project-specific cooperation with partner companies. Please contact us if you have any specific questions or requests.

  • Securing locations for the erection of wind farms, individual wind power systems and solar parks

  • Project development of onshore wind parks and individual wind energy systems

  • Development of community wind farms

  • Repowering of projects (replacement of existing wind power systems with higher performing ones)

  • Procurement of old turbines (e.g. VESTAS V47, V66, Enercon E-44, Enercon E-40/6.44, E-58, HSW 1000)

  • Acquisition of greenfield projects

  • Adoption of site rights

  • Acquisition and leasing of roof areas for the erection of solar systems

  • Project development of rooftop solar systems and solar parks on open areas

  • Realisation, implementation and erection of renewable energy power plants

  • Project development of biogas power plants

  • Commercial project management during the conception, investment, sales and operating phases

Do you own land on which one or more wind power systems or a solar park could be built? Do you want to sell your wind farm, single wind turbine or repowering project? Do you want to add value to your roof with a solar system and lease it to us long term? Contact us! Please complete the relevant checklist and send it to us for an initial assessment.