sale of 2 MW wind farm NEG Micon NM 60/1000, site in Germany, in operation

INVESTMENT: 2 MW NEG Micon (VESTAS) wind farm

location:  Germany

power rating wind farm: 2,000 kW (2.0 MW)
rated power wind turbine: 1,000 kW (1.0 MW) each
manufacturer WTG: NEG Micon (VESTAS)
turbine type: NM 60/1000
hub height: 80m
rotor diameter: 60m

maintenance contract: normal

start of operation: 2002

building permit: on hand
feed-in permit: on hand

feed-in tariff by German law (cent / kWh) / duration: 9.0 cents / kWh until end of 2022

land lease contract

technical management contract: optional

commercial management contract of wind farm: optional

If you are interested in our investment offer, do not hesitate to contact us. Concerning confidentiality we do not provide detailed information on this Website.