EcofinConcept GmbH Erneuerbare Energien – Consulting, Projektentwicklung, Investment und Projektvermarktung

EcofinConcept GmbH – Consulting, project development, investment and project placement

EcofinConcept GmbH – Consulting, project development, investment and project placement

EcofinConcept GmbH specialises in renewable energies – in particular wind, solar and bio energy. The company headquarters are near Düsseldorf, Germany. Investment opportunities are available in entire wind farms, single turbines and solar plants.

EcofinConcept is a member of the German Wind Energy Association (Bundesverband WindEnergie or BWE), the WAB (Wind Energy Agency), the Landesverband Erneuerbare Energien NRW e.V. (LEE) and the Wind Energy Network NRW.


The limited capacity of the ecological systems has been a recognised issue for around 40 years. Since the second oil crisis in the 1980s, and to a certain extent before, the economic impact of the limited availability of resources has been discussed. Due to safety concerns, lack of resources and the as yet undecided issue …

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The company

EcofinConcept GmbH is run by the two managing shareholders Dipl.-Kfm. Guido Vieten and Dipl.-Wi.-Ing. Christian Sperling. The managing directors and shareholders of EcofinConcept GmbH, as well as the company itself, directly and indirectly hold shares in other companies and energy generation plants in the renewable energies sector. As well as including classic consulting services, EcofinConcept’s …


        Since its founding in 1996, the German Wind Energy Association (Bundesverband WindEnergie e.V. or BWE) has played a major role in that process. With some 20,000 members, it is one of the world’s largest associations in the renewables sector. For years, the BWE has been increasingly successful in efficiently expanding wind …

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Since 2000, we have undertaken the project management, project development, conception, structuring, financing and/or marketing to national and international investors for more than 85 projects with a total investment volume of more than EUR 590 Million and nearly 365 MW rated power. These projects can cover the annual electricity requirements of around 180,000 households and …