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PRESS RELEASE: EcofinConcept: Successful completion of one of Germany‘s largest repowering projects

Hückelhoven, September 12, 2019 – EcofinConcept has supported one of the largest wind energy repowering projects in Germany Satisfied today, all parties look to the achieved. That was not always so. One of the largest wind farm repowering projects in Brandenburg, Germany, threatened several times to fail because of the complexity of the task. So …

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Market researchers warn: without massive photovoltaic expansion electricity shortfalls are impending

Only if photovoltaic systems are significantly expanded from 2020 onwards and are flanked by sufficient storage capacity, will the security of supply and climate protection be equally guaranteed.

50,000 new jobs through photovoltaics and storage technology

Recent study by Bonn market researchers: Expansion of photovoltaic and storage technology could triple the number of jobs. Rapid removal of PV market barriers in the EEG as well as release of brakes on expansion necessary to close the climate protection gap and avoid shortfalls in power generation as a result of nuclear and coal phaseout.

EU solar boom: over 100% solar market increase in 2019

Strongest growth year for solar since 2010
More new solar capacity installed than any other power generation technology in 2019
Spain is Europe’s largest solar market adding 4.7 GW

Civil society and industry in joint push for a climate neutral economy

The European Commission’s Long Term Decarbonisation Strategy “A Clean Planet for All” showed that renewable and decarbonised electricity must increase significantly, replacing fossil fuels in Europe’s energy mix, as a precondition to meeting our climate and energy objectives.

Significant uncertainty over the growth of wind energy in Europe over the next five years

If Governments end up producing clear and ambitious National Energy & Climate Plans (NECPs) and they improve the permitting arrangements for wind farms and they keep investing in new grid capacity, then Europe’s wind energy capacity would grow by 88 GW to 277 GW by 2023. But that’s a big if.

Record 515 institutional investors managing $35 trillion in assets urge governments to step up ambition to tackle climate change

Largest-ever group of investors to call on governments to phase out thermal coal power worldwide, put a price on carbon pollution, end government subsidies for fossil fuels, update and strengthen nationally-determined contributions by 2020

Permitting issues behind yet another under-subscribed German onshore wind auction round

Just 208 MW worth of wind farm projects won capacity in the latest German onshore wind auction results released today. A total of 650 MW was on offer.

Time now running out for a large share of Europe’s installed wind capacity

By summer 2019, an incredible 194 GW of wind power has been installed. Today, more than 100,000 turbines across the continent form the backbone of an industry that already supports 300,000 European jobs.

Gigawatts solar potential in coal regions in Europe, finds new report

The study ‘Solar Photovoltaic Electricity Generation: A Lifeline for the European Coal Regions in Transition’ shows that solar PV systems have the potential to fully substitute the current electricity generation of coal-fired power plants in the analysed regions

Europe installs 4.9 GW of new wind energy capacity in first half of 2019

Europe installs 4.9 GW of new wind energy capacity in first half of 2019

Europe added 4.9 GW of new wind energy capacity in the first half of 2019, according to figures released today by WindEurope.

PRESS RELEASE EcofinConcept markets a further 749 kWp solar park to a private investor

EcofinConcept markets a further 749 kWp solar park to a private investor
EcofinConcept GmbH, the specialist for renewable energy projects, has marketed another solar park to an investor from northern Germany.

5 ways the Commission can strengthen wind projects

The Innovation Fund will support investments in renewable energy, energy storage, carbon capture storage and use, and decarbonisation of energy intensive industries

Put solar on all new and renovated buildings in the EU to help fight climate change!

all new and renovated buildings in the EU should have solar installed – on residential, commercial and industrial buildings. T

PRESS RELEASE EcofinConcept successfully accompanies solar park transactions to a Family Office

EcofinConcept GmbH, Hückelhoven, a company specializing in renewable energies, has successfully assisted a family office based in southern Germany on the acquisition of a solar park portfolio.

WindEurope calls on EU countries to make National Energy & Climate Plans their investment brochure for wind energy

European countries’ National Energy & Climate Plans are meant to be their energy transition roadmap to 2030. But the draft versions of the Plans need significant improvements if the EU is to deliver on its 2030 renewable energy targe

EU election results: the Parliament has a mandate to deliver on a net-zero carbon economy by 2050

Voters increasingly see that Climate and Energy challenges are best tackled at EU level. In many countries the parties that have been clearest on the need for climate ambition did well.

Amazon Announces Three New Renewable Energy Projects

Amazon is adding three new renewable energy projects as part of its long-term goal to power all Amazon Web Services (AWS) global infrastructure with renewable energy.

Spain’s solar market is reignited

ntersolar Summit Spain will be an ideal platform to explore the country’s vast solar potential, including corporate sourcing and Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), one of the hottest trends where Spain is set for a huge take off in the coming years,

What needs to change to solve the grid integration challenge?

In terms of grid integration, Europe’s agreed renewables target of 32% by 2030 raises significant challenges. Delivering a clean economy for all Europeans means being bold in ambition but also being efficient in new practises.

King Felipe VI of Spain: wind energy is transforming Spain and Europe

The King identified wind energy as a key part of the solution: “All of you here today represent part of the best response we can offer in the face of these existential challenges.

Solar optimism sweeps Europe

SolarPower Summit opens in Brussels announcing another year of growth for the global solar sector in 2018 to 104 GW; and huge solar optimism in EU

Corporate wind energy PPAs are booming

Companies around Europe have now signed nearly 5 GW of power purchase agreements (PPAs) with wind farms. This is almost equivalent to Denmark’s total wind energy capacity.

Belgian energy and climate plan proposes renewables target of 18.3% by 2030

On 5 February WindEurope attended a workshop in the Federal Parliament of Belgium on the draft of the Belgian National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP).

Our 3 commitments to you in 2019

It’s crucial that we all appreciate all the advantages of wind energy, in particular this year as we’ll elect a new European Parliament. For this reason, we’ll continue to demonstrate the local benefits of wind energy.

A Christmas present for the European Solar sector

Following intense negotiations over the past 6 months, the European Parliament and Council adopted on 19th of December the last but certainly not least legislative piece of the Clean Energy Package: the Electricity Market Design Regulation and Directive. Under the strong leadership of the Austrian presidency, European Member states did not only achieve a timely agreement – right before the Christmas break – but an ambitious one, which will pave the way for a new Solar boom in Europe.

Mercedes-Benz deal to buy wind power is first PPA in Germany

The PPA will help keep the six wind farms running when they come off the Feed-in-Tariff in 2021

New Study: 100% Renewable Energy across Europe is More Cost Effective than the Current Energy System and Leads to Zero Emissions Before 2050

As climate discussions are underway among global leaders at COP24, the annual United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) conference, a new report released Tuesday showcases the feasibility of a European energy transition to 100% renewable sources. The new scientific study shows that the transition to 100% renewable energy will be economically competitive with today’s conventional fossil fuel and nuclear energy system, and lead greenhouse gas emissions to zero before 2050. The study’s financial case for an energy transition becomes even stronger when taking into account significant projected job growth and the indirect economic benefits for health, security, and the environment, that were not factored into the study.

Onshore wind performs well in Danish multi-technology auction

Onshore wind secured 165 MW in this week’s multi-technology auction in Denmark. The auction was open to solar PV, onshore wind and so-called open door offshore wind. It was oversubscribed with 17 projects amounting to 540 MW competing for a budget of €34 million.
From the 6 winners, the 3 cheapest bidders were onshore wind projects. The other 3 were solar PV projects totaling 104 MW.  Overall, the average premium awarded in this auction was equivalent to 0.31 Euro cents per KWh.

This premium runs for 20 years and comes on top of the wholesale power price.

Wind energy ready to step up to Europe’s decarbonisation challenge

The European Commission today called for the bloc to aim for net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 in its new decarbonisation strategy.

The EU’s newly-agreed renewable energy and energy efficiency targets put the bloc on track to cut emissions in 2050 by 60% compared to 1990. But that will still not be enough to meet the Paris target of keeping temperature rises to well below 2 degrees.

The Commission has therefore set out different scenarios covering various levels of renewables expansion, transport electrification and measures in other sectors.  These would take Europe to different levels of greenhouse gas emission reductions.  To reach full carbon-neutrality, the Commission is exploring options including increased bioenergy and promoting a circular economy.

Research and innovation needed to provide substitutes for rare materials used in turbines

On 14 November WindEurope CEO Giles Dickson spoke at the European Innovation Partnership’s annual conference on “Raw Materials for clean energy-intensive industries of the future.”
European energy-intensive industries are important to the European economy, but now face challenges in making the transition to a low-carbon and circular economy by 2050. The wind industry is already in a good position to contribute to the transition to a decarbonised energy system, Dickson said. He highlighted that a wind farm produces 33 times more energy than it consumes during its lifecycle. The lifecycle of a turbine emits 99% less CO2 than an average power plant using fossil fuels.

European Parliament gives final green light to new EU 32% renewable energy target

The European Parliament today gave its final approval for a binding EU-wide renewable energy target of 32% for 2030. The Parliament cast its final vote of adoption on the Renewable Energy Directive and Governance Regulation, two key parts of Europe’s Clean Energy Package that sets the EU legal framework for renewables up to 2030. Today was the Parliament’s final vote on a political deal that was reached back in June. Ministers from the 28 Member States will now give the rubber stamp. Then the Directive and the Regulation will become law.

Germany reaches political agreement on additional onshore wind volumes

This week the German government reached a political agreement on an additional 4 GW of onshore wind by 2021.
The agreement will see Germany auction an additional onshore wind capacity of 1 GW (in 2019), 1.4 GW (in 2020) and 1.6 GW (in 2021) over and above the 2.8 GW pa which is already planned for each of those years. This additional 4 GW will help Germany to reach its 2030 target of 65% renewables in electricity (up from 36% today). The coalition originally planned an additional 4 GW of onshore wind auctions by 2020. This schedule has now slipped one year in a political compromise.

Research and innovation vital to sustain wind energy cost reductions and keep industry in Europe

As the EU negotiates the details of its next flagship research and innovation programme – Horizon Europe – channelling resources to the right places will be critical to decarbonise and continue growing Europe’s economy. The Technology and Innovation Platform ETIPWind has released a series of recommendations on where the EU should focus in Research and Innovation funding in wind energy.
The €94bn Horizon Europe research and innovation programme will identify key challenges and priorities for research and innovation funding from 2021-2027. It is critical that a significant portion is allocated to climate action in general and to the ‘Climate, Energy & Mobility’ challenge in particular.

Permitting issues leave latest German onshore wind auction under-subscribed

Challenges in the permitting procedure mean the latest German onshore wind auction has come in under-subscribed. The prices – average €62.6/MWh – were also up on the €57/MWh in the last auction in May.
The German Federal Network Agency, BNetzA, announced the results of the latest German onshore wind auction today. Only 363 MW of capacity won a contract, compared to the 670 MW that was on offer. Over 900 MW of projects were pre-approved for the auction and had a permit. But only a third of these actually bid. The problem was many of them face legal challenges to their permit and wanted to avoid being exposed to penalties for non-delivery.

World’s biggest wind energy event kicks off in Hamburg

The world’s biggest wind energy event, the Global Wind Summit (25-28 September), begins today in Hamburg. Under the theme “Breaking new ground” the event will show wind energy is starting to evolve rapidly in terms of costs, technology and where it’s being deployed – and how it’s beginning to look beyond the electricity sector at how it can help decarbonise the rest of the energy system.

Do you have what it takes to win the Wind Challenge?

The Wind Challenge is an online game that takes you to Greenland, where you’ll find yourself on a virtual wind farm combining a mix of turbine types, all using different components and data sets. 


3rd International Community Wind Symposium 2018 and Community Power Forum
Community Power – Future through Innovation
On the occasion of the IRENA Innovation Week at the beginning of September 2018 in Bonn, WWEA and LEE NRW in cooperation with EnergieAgentur.NRW and Genossenschaftsverband – Verband der Regionen are hosting the 3rd International Community Wind Symposium along with a Community Power Forum for all citizen-owned renewable energies.

Vindmølleindustrien: Det venter i efteråret

En velfortjent sommerferie er for langt de flestes vedkommende overstået, og forude venter de sidste fire måneder af 2018. En tid, der vil byde på en række beslutninger og begivenheder med stor betydning for den danske vindmølleindustri. 

Energiaftale 2018
Tager man de danske energipolitiske briller på og iagttager den tid af 2018, der er gået, så er det ikke til at komme uden om energiaftalen, der blev indgået få dage inden det meste af Danmark drog på sommerferie. Aftalen er bred, langsigtet og indeholder mange af de ønsker, som politikere og branchen har efterlyst i en lang periode forud for aftalen. 

German onshore auction clears at €61.6/MWh

Winning prices in Germany’s third onshore wind auction this year rose to an average of €61.6/MWh. This is up from the previous auction in May, where the average price came in at €57.3/MWh.
This latest auction had only marginally more bids than the volumes on offer. The German Federal Network Agency, BNetzA, reported 91 bids for 709 MW combined capacity entered in competition for the 670 MW that was on offer.

Alison Finch appointed Vice President on SolarPower Europe’s Board of Directors

Alison Finch, Chief Marketing Officer of Huawei Solar Europe, has been appointed to the prestigious post of Vice President on SolarPower Europe’s Board of Directors, Europe’s leading solar association. Alison Finch has been a non-executive Board member since March 2017 and became Vice President in July after securing most votes in a poll of SolarPower Europe members during the recent AGM.

The Chief Executive of SolarPower Europe, Dr James Watson said “We are delighted that Alison and Huawei are taking up such a strong presence and leading role in our association. I greatly appreciate the support and input of Alison in our contribution to a strong and dynamic market for solar power in Europe. Huawei has been a leading member in our association over the past few years and this appointment recognises their valued input.”

New ground-breaking PPA deals signed in Scandinavia

Norwegian aluminium company Norsk Hydro has signed a long-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with the Green Investment Group. With a duration of 29 years, this is the world’s longest wind power purchase agreement.
The Green Investment Group (GIG) has put forward €270 million to develop the 235 MW project in the Swedish town of Överturingen. It will own 100% of the project equity. The wind farm will consist of 56 Siemens Gamesa turbines, each with a capacity of 4.2 MW

Europe adds 4.5 GW of wind energy in first half of 2018

Europe added 4.5 GW of wind energy capacity in the first half of 2018, according to figures released today by WindEurope. The figure is down on the same period last year (6.1 GW) though is in line with expectations. There was 3.3 GW of onshore wind, driven by Germany (1.6 GW), France (605 MW) and …

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Standstill in energy policy must come to an end

German government´s 65 percent target can only be achieved with more offshore wind energy – Current projects up to 2020 are progressing according to plan
Five new offshore wind farms with a capacity of 1,944 MW are under construction in the first half of the year 2018
Rapid implementation of additional tenders with at least 1.5 GW offshore wind capacity is required
Expansion of volume to at least 20 GW by 2030 urgently needed to achieve government goals
Advancing grid expansion, better use of existing grid and accelerating sector coupling and electrification

Competitive prices in first Greek onshore wind auction

The Greek Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE) has awarded seven wind projects with a total capacity of 171 MW in the country’s first onshore wind auction.
The price range of the winning bids was €68–€72/MWh. The weighted average price came in at €69.53/MWh. The auction was over-subscribed, with 14 wind projects with a total capacity of 308 MW bidding in.

InnoEnergy’s ‘Hack the Wind’ to return to WindEurope Conference

€20,000 hackathon returns to spark innovation and create new start-ups to solve industry challenges
InnoEnergy, Europe’s sustainable energy engine supported by the EIT, and WindEurope, the voice of the European wind industry, today announce that they are partnering to host a joint hackathon for a second consecutive year. Hack the Wind aims to help shape the future of wind energy by facilitating the development of innovative new technologies.

New Danish Energy Agreement: good deal and clear visibility for wind industry

Last Friday the Danish government and parliament reached an agreement on a new long-term energy policy that will run to 2030.

The Energy Agreement will get Denmark to 55% of renewable energy by 2030. This means all of its electricity and heating needs will be generated by renewables.

The deal includes new commitments for the build-out of offshore wind. Three new offshore wind farms with a capacity of at least 2.4 GW will be built in the next decade. The first of those offshore wind farms will be tendered in 2019-2020 and commissioned between 2024 and 2027.

Solar grows by 30% in 2017 with demand set to rise over next 5 years

Global Market Outlook 2018-2022: Solar Market Growth Continues

SolarPower Europe today launched the ‘Global Market Outlook for
Solar Power 2018-2022.’ The report confirms that 2017 was another outstanding year for
the solar sector and that growth will continue for the coming five years. The world installed
99.1 GW in 2017 and is anticipated to exceed the 100 GW level in 2018. SolarPower Europe
estimates that solar is on course to add another 621.7 GW by 2022.

The local impact of wind energy in the spotlight on Global Wind Day

From niche technology, wind energy is now a global success story. The wind industry provides 260,000 quality high-skilled jobs in Europe. On a global scale, that figure is now 1.15 million.

Today is Global Wind Day, an opportunity for citizens around the world to learn more about and show their support for wind power.  It’s also an opportunity for companies to showcase their technologies and contributions to local economic development and job creation at a more grass roots level.

The wind supply chain is benefitting regions across the globe, including economically less-advantaged ones. Citizens are benefitting from shared ownership of wind farms. Wind farms are also contributing to local economic activity through the taxes they pay to local governments – covering up to 25% of municipal revenues.

Leading corporate buyers & clean energy suppliers join forces to unlock huge untapped renewable energy sourcing opportunities in Europe

Google, Microsoft, IKEA Group, BT, Danone, Amazon, Enel Green Power, Engie, RES, Novartis, Iberdrola and Facebook, Inc. have become Steering Group members of the RE-Source Platform, which pools resources and coordinates activities to promote a better framework for corporate renewable energy. The companies were announced today at the official launch of the Platform during the EU Sustainable Energy Week. These major corporate energy users and supply side companies were highlighting the growing demand for clean energy and the need for clear and enabling policy frameworks.

“As the world’s largest corporate buyer of renewable energy, we are excited to support the RE-Source platform to accelerate the growth of renewables in Europe.”– Marc Oman, Senior Lead, Energy and Infrastructure, Google.