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repowering your wind turbine or wind farm in Germany

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The revised industrial strategy for Europe endorses the European Solar Initiative

Solar PV, together with other renewable energy technologies, is identified as one of the 14 key industrial ecosystems for the EU. The Strategy stresses the need to scale up investments in new projects, and the importance of regaining and strengthening the EU’s competitive edge in the solar photovoltaic industry.

Vindmølleeksporten faldt i 2020

Den samlede eksport af varer og services fra den danske vindmølleindustri faldt med 21,1 pct. fra 2019 til 2020. Faldet er særligt at finde på vareeksporten, hvor markedet i 2020 ikke kunne måle sig med rekordåret 2019. Wind Denmark forventer at vareeksporten igen vil stige i 2021 efter et travlt produktionsår i 2020.

Money pouring into wind energy despite COVID, but are there enough projects out there?

The main problem is the slow rate of permitting of new wind farms. The money’s out there, but not enough new projects are coming through.

Permitting the key obstacle to EU wind investments – WindEurope

Despite investor appetite, inadequate permitting frameworks mean there are insufficient available projects

Open letter calls for the highest sustainable clean hydrogen standard in EU Taxonomy

Renewable hydrogen produced from 100% renewable electricity sources can play a strategic role in decarbonizing the sectors of our economy that are hard-to-electrify and can foster Europe’s industrial leadership in future-proof technologies.

Six measures for more onshore wind in Germany

Wind was 27% of Germany’s electricity consumption last year. And renewables in total were over 50%. With 63 GW of onshore and offshore wind farms, Germany has the biggest wind energy capacity in Europe. And Germany should remain the leader in the expansion of onshore wind over the period 2021-25, according to WindEurope’s latest forecasts. But this will only happen if they get their policies right.

Den danske vindmølleindustri runder 40 år

Den danske vindmølleindustris historie er præget af dramatiske op- og nedture og ikke mindst en teknologisk udvikling i højt tempo. Siden marts 1981 har vindmølleindustriens virksomheder været samlet i en fælles brancheforening, der har fokuseret på politik, teknologiudvikling, eksportfremme og samarbejde på tværs af værdikæden.

Wind is not growing fast enough for EU economy to go climate-neutral

Europe installed 14.7 GW of new wind energy in 2020. 80% of this was onshore wind. Europe now has 220 GW of total wind energy capacity. But Europe is not building enough new wind to deliver the Green Deal and climate neutrality:

Vindmølleejerne skal også levere reservestrøm til elnettet

Vindmøller deltager i forvejen i markedet for regulerkraft, hvor vindmøllerne slukkes, når der er et overskud af elektricitet i elnettet og derfor behov for nedregulering

Germany: Latest Renewables Law will hold back expansion of onshore wind

Windpark NRW Winter

Wind was 27% of German net electricity last year. And renewables in total were over 50%. But changes to the Renewables Law threaten to undermine the progress renewables are making – and in particular hold back the expansion of onshore wind

Record 15 GW of new wind turbines ordered in 2020

Windpark NRW Winter

Despite the ongoing pandemic, both onshore and offshore orders saw an increase in sales. European countries ordered 8.2 GW of onshore wind turbines – a 13% increase compared to 2019

European energy infrastructure must prioritise renewables

WindEurope criticises the text of the TEN-E revision presented today by the European Commission. The Commission missed an important chance to clearly prioritise renewable electricity and renewable hydrogen infrastructure. Instead the TEN-E revision leaves a door open for fossil fuel projects, undermining the European Green Deal objective of climate neutrality.

Double-digit growth: EU solar market defies expectations to add 18.7 GW in 2020

Today, SolarPower Europe published its new EU Market Outlook for Solar Power, which shows that despite the setbacks of COVID-19, the European solar market grew by 11%, adding 18.7 GW of installations

How is wind energy going to support economic recovery? Join us on “WindTV” and see for yourself

Wind energy is well positioned to support Europe’s economic recovery from COVID-19.

Industry-first EPC Best Practice Guidelines set global standard for solar sector

The growth of the global solar industry is driven by cost reduction, which is achieved by reducing operational costs through standardisation and adopting the latest technological developments to increase efficiency.

8 “to dos” for Governments to deliver the expansion of onshore wind needed for the Green Deal

EcofinConcept wind and solar energy

Europe wants to be climate neutral by 2050. And onshore wind will play a central role in that. According to the European Commission‘s decarbonisation scenarios it will be a quarter of Europe’s electricity consumption by 2050.

What happens when wind turbines get old? New Industry Guidance Document for dismantling and decommissioning

Repowering is happening and will increase. It’s a great opportunity to get more energy from today’s wind farms.

Solar recognised as competitive and strategic energy technology in State of the Energy Union and Renovation Wave

Solar has seen the largest cost reductions of any renewable technology, major efficiency gains and new innovations, such as floating solar and Agri-PV.

Solar recognised as competitive and strategic energy technology in State of the Energy Union and Renovation Wave

National Energy and Climate Plans: A solar-powered energy system by 2030

The National Energy and Climate Plans confirm the bright future for solar in Europe, with 209 GW of solar PV capacity set to be added by 2030, or 19 GW per year. Solar will continue to be the most-installed energy generation technology in Europe between 2020 and 2030, together with wind energy.

Robust implementation of 2030 National Plans is key to deliver EU targets

The NECP process aims to ensure the EU meets its 2030 targets for greenhouse gas emission reductions, renewables, energy efficiency and electricity interconnectors. The EU Commission will monitor the progress towards these targets.

Completion of VESTAS wind farm

For a private investor community, EcofinConcept GmbH has carried out i.g. profitability audits and profitability calculations for the construction of a small wind farm.

Without CfDs Germany puts offshore wind targets at risk

Jobs and investment volumes depend on getting the regulatory framework for offshore wind right.

How much wind is needed to deliver on the EU’s renewable hydrogen goals?

Member States such as the Netherlands, Germany and Portugal, are showing increasing willingness to support renewable hydrogen.

Wind Denmark’s årsmøder stiller skarpt på vindsektorens største udfordringer

økonomiske genstart med investeringer i den grønne omstilling.

How the EU can achieve a climate target of -55% by 2030

According to a new study by Agora Energiewende, it is technically and economically possible for EU Member States to achieve a 55% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 compared to 1990

EU Recovery Plan: it’s time to roll up our sleeves for a green recovery

he plan is presented as a chance to accelerate the European Green Deal. But it will only be as green as the projects it funds and the jobs it creates.

Germany adopts National Energy & Climate Plan and an ambitious Hydrogen Strategy

For onshore wind where Germany has 53 GW today this means building new wind farms and repowering existing wind farms, especially the large number of those that are coming off the feed-in tariff in the coming years.

Despite COVID-19 market contraction, appropriate stimulus measures can deliver bright global solar forecast

Due to the impact of COVID-19 and the extended lockdown on the global economy, the solar market will experience a contraction in 2020, with an expected decrease of 4% to 112 GW

Wind wins lion’s share in Italian renewable energy auction

Wind won 406 MW of the 425 MW awarded in an undersubscribed auction – 500 MW were on offer. The primary reason for the undersubscription is Italy’s cumbersome and lengthy permitting process

WindEnergy Hamburg Press Conference: Wind industry ready to deliver Europe’s green recovery

The EU’s Recovery Strategy, announced last week, adds a new dimension to the event. The further expansion of wind energy is set to be central to Europe’s economic recovery and to the EU Green Deal

German government drops the idea of a nationwide 1000m distance rule

Instead the German States can now set their own rules up to a maximum distance of 1000m.

Solar highlighted in new EU Biodiversity and Farm to Fork strategies

The new Biodiversity Strategy makes it clear that the EU will prioritise and foster win-win solutions such as solar farms, which provide biodiversity-friendly soil cover

Einigung der Großen Koalition beim Ausbau Erneuerbarer Energien ist ein positives Signal für die Energiewirtschaft

Durch die unverzügliche Streichung des PV-Deckels kann jetzt in letzter Minute der befürchtete Stillstand beim Ausbau der Photovoltaik abgewendet werden

German Energy Minister, Herr Altmaier, you have less than 2 months

On 1 July you become President of the 27 EU Energy Ministers. 23 of them have a National Energy & Climate Plan for 2030. You do not. If you don’t complete your Plan soon, you will not be a credible President.

Solar rooftops can accelerate the Renovation Wave and power the EU’s Green Recovery

Everyone wants to be part of the energy transition, and in order to unlock this possibility, we need to make sure that the Clean Energy Package is properly translated into national law.

A majority of EU countries support green recovery plans for Europe

Governments around Europe should align their stimulus and recovery packages with the long-term vision of the EU Green Deal. And create a cleaner, healthier and more resilient Europe.

Europe can achieve climate neutrality before 2050 with 100% renewable energy system

A 100% renewable energy system enables the EU to become climate neutral before 2050 in the most cost-effective manner
A 100% renewable energy system in Europe will lead to sharpest decline in GHG emissions, down to zero by 2040
Solar power is set to generate more than 60% of EU’s electricity by 2050
To achieve this goal, EU energy system needs high rate of electrification and sectoral integration

Spain submits ambitious 2030 National Plan – Example for other countries to follow

Five other EU Member States still haven’t finalised their NECPs yet. They should find inspiration in the excellent Spanish example. Come on France, come on Germany…

WindEurope Financing and Investment Trends: Onshore wind gets strong support as Europe raises €13bn for financing of new onshore projects in 2019

Most of the investments in new wind farms were in onshore wind – €13bn. This covered over 10 GW of new projects, showing continued strong interest in Europe for the development of onshore wind farms.

Production of critical wind turbine components must continue – and will help cushion the blow of COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis now has reaching impacts on the wind energy supply chain as European countries apply measures to contain the outbreak.

Positive signs for solar in European Commission’s New Industrial Strategy

Today, the European Commission presented its new strategy to help Europe’s industry lead the twin transitions towards climate neutrality and digital leadership.

EU industrial strategy must recognise wind energy as a job creator in its own right

Europe can only reach climate-neutrality through the sustained growth of renewable energy to power the economy. This will be essential to ensure Europe’s long-term security of energy supply and technology leadership.

EU renewable energy sector a key driver of European Green Deal, industrial strategy can boost deployment

The associations signed a joint letter that urges renewable energy technologies to be acknowledged as a key Strategic Value Chain,

Brexit and wind energy: the current state of play

The United Kingdom has officially left the EU. It has now entered a ‘transition period’, during which the UK and the EU will negotiate the terms of their future relationship.

Europe now gets 15% of its electricity from wind but is not building enough to deliver the Green Deal

Europe installed 15.4 GW of new wind energy in 2019. Three quarters of this was onshore wind

EU industrial strategy can boost European solar leadership

The first official communication on Industrial Strategy within the European Green Deal policy framework is due to be released on 4 March, which will clarify the EU’s long-term vision of European manufacturing and innovation.

Industrial Strategy for Solar Key to Reigniting European Solar PV Manufacturing

In light of the upcoming communication on Industrial Strategy within the European Green Deal policy framework, which will spell out the EU’s long-term vision on industrial competitiveness, growth and innovation

PRESS RELEASE Investors rely on EcofinConcept’s solar know-how

PRESS RELEASE Investors rely on EcofinConcept’s solar know-how

EcofinConcept GmbH – specializing in renewable energy projects – has successfully marketed two more solar parks to two private investors from Germany.

PRESS RELEASE: EcofinConcept: Successful completion of one of Germany‘s largest repowering projects

Hückelhoven, September 12, 2019 – EcofinConcept has supported one of the largest wind energy repowering projects in Germany Satisfied today, all parties look to the achieved. That was not always so. One of the largest wind farm repowering projects in Brandenburg, Germany, threatened several times to fail because of the complexity of the task. So …