PRESS RELEASE EcofinConcept successfully accompanies solar park transactions to a Family Office

Hückelhoven, July 3, 2019 – EcofinConcept GmbH, Hückelhoven, a company specializing in renewable energies, has successfully assisted a family office based in southern Germany on the acquisition of a solar park portfolio.

In the first half of 2019, the three 750 kWp open-space systems of the portfolio were erected and put into operation. The land in industrial areas in Saxony and Thuringia was purchased as part of the transactions.

The solar farms were equipped with crystalline modules from the manufacturers Sharp and JA Solar and Huawei Sun 2000 inverters. For the solar modules and inverters, long-term product warranties of 10 or 12 years have been completed. In addition, the modules have a 25-year performance guarantee.

Internet-based monitoring systems from Plexlog and Solarlog ensure daily monitoring.

According to the applicable EEG, the energy generated is remunerated at around 8 cents / kWh. Each year, the three solar power plants will produce approx. 2.4 million kWh of green electricity.

The transaction volume was not disclosed.

“We are pleased about the closing of the transactions, which we have been able to support for about 9 months, and thank everyone involved for the professional cooperation.”, Said Christian Sperling and Guido Vieten, both managing directors of EcofinConcept.

About EcofinConcept:
EcofinConcept GmbH specializes in renewable energies. In addition to traditional consulting services, the range of services includes, in particular, the acquisition of existing and turnkey projects for private and institutional investors, project development, commercial due diligence and the development of investment opportunities.

References in short: project management, conception, development, structuring, financing and / or marketing of more than 85 projects with a total investment volume of around 588 million EUR and an installed capacity of more than 363 MW. Own subsidiaries are operated in subsidiaries and sister companies.

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750 kWp solar farm EcofinConcept
750 kWp solar farm EcofinConcept