sale of operational wind turbine Enercon E-101 on site in Germany

sale of wind turbine ENERCON E 101 on site in Germany
construction completed, wind turbine is in operation

location: Germany

rated power wind turbine: 3,050 kW (3.05 MW)
manufacturer WTG: ENERCON
hub height: 135m
rotor diameter: 101m

maintenance contract: Full Service Enercon EPK over 15 years

start of operation: initial operation was in Q4 2014

building permit: on hand
feed-in permit: on hand

feed-in tariff by German law (cent / kWh) / duration: 9.13 cents / kWh until end of 2034 (acc. to EEG law)

land lease contract

technical and commercial management contract of wind energy project

share-deal in a German GmbH & Co. KG

debt finance has to be taken over

debt-to-equity ratio (D/E): 68%

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